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What Can You Do?

What can pet owners do to support the spaying and neutering of pets?

First of all, neuter your own pets! It's better for their health and well-being, and will help reduce the numbers of pets being euthanized in shelters because they don't have homes.

Educate yourself. There are many myths out there about spaying and neutering, and only facts can dispel them. Take the time to review the information on this site and understand the benefits of altering your pets.

Educate others. Spread the word, by wearing your Y2Spay T-shirt, by sharing this website and other resources with people wondering whether or not to alter their pets, by writing the media, and by supporting spay/neuter programs in your area.

Volunteer. Shelters and other programs all over the country need volunteers to help assist in spay/neuter efforts. Find an organization whose goals you support, and give them your time and your energy. Drive seniors and those on limited incomes to low cost spay/neuter clinics they could not otherwise get to. Assist with intake at a clinic. Participate in programs that alter feral cats. The list of needs is endless. Lend a hand!

Wear a Y2Spay T-shirt to spread the word. Purchase yours here!

Y2SPAY Main : What Can You Do?