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The Winn Feline Foundation - Report on Early Spay/Neuter
A very important research project that lent credibility to the early spay/neuter movement. Altering puppies and kittens before sexual maturity was once thought dangerous, but Winn Feline Foundation research showed that the effects are minor and not harmful. This is a powerful tool in the fight to make every puppy and kitten a wanted pet!

Before You Breed Your Dog
No, Muffy shouldn't have "just one litter," and you won't get one "just like her" if you breed her. Learn about these and other myths, as well as a few things to think about before breeding your dog.

The Spay/Neuter Myths Quiz
So, you think you really know all about spaying and neutering? Take the quiz!

To spay or neuter?
A very personal look at why one man always alters his purebred German Shepherds and Belgian Tervuren.

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