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Neuter and Spay Your Rabbits
Gina SpadaforiBy Gina Spadafori

One problem with rabbits is that left to their own devices they'll breed like ... um ... rabbits, which is why it's a good idea to have them spayed or neutered. Unwanted offspring isn't the only reason, though. Just as with dogs and cats, neutering and spaying eliminates many health and behavior problems.

Female rabbits, for example, are at a high risk for uterine cancer, a leading killer of these pets over the age of 2. Spaying also removes the potential for common and potentially lethal reproductive-system infections. Besides extending your pet's life span, altering eliminates sex-related behavior problems. Sexually mature rabbits can be territorial or even aggressive, and may spray urine. Put simply: Spayed and neutered rabbits make better pets.

Despite all the benefits, however, anesthesia is a little trickier with rabbits than with dogs and cats. Be sure you're dealing with a veterinarian who is experienced with rabbits, and ask about anesthesia, listening for the magic word: Isoflurane, which is preferred for use with rabbits. The final safety precaution is yours: Follow your veterinarian's pre- and postoperative directions precisely.

Gina Spadafori is an award-winning pet-care columnist for the Universal Press Syndicate. She is also the author of Dogs For Dummies and co-author, with Paul D. Pion, DVM, DACVIM, of Cats For Dummies. Dogs For Dummies was named Best General Reference by the Dog Writers Association of America and was given the DWAA President's award for the year's best work on dogs.

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