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About Y2SPAY.com:

Y2Spay.com is an educational project of the Veterinary Information Network, the first and largest online service for veterinary professionals. Founded in 1990 by veterinarians Dr. Duncan Ferguson and Dr. Paul D. Pion, VIN is a multi-specialist veterinary facility, with boarded consultants and a fully-staffed library and trained librarians. VIN brings together more than 6,000 online veterinarians. Its mission is providing veterinary professional community and information-based resources that make it easy for all veterinary professionals to exercise their natural desire to provide the finest medical care to their patients and service to the communities in which they live and work.

VIN's involvement with Y2Spay.com is part of its commitment to providing that care, and bettering our communities and the lives of companion animals everywhere. For more information about the Veterinary Information Network, visit our site at www.vin.com.

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Y2SPAY Main : About Us ...